What a fantastic show!
It was really entertaining, and very professional, I was so impressed and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thank you very much, and again, many congratulations, great show!

Leah P

I just wanted to say thankyou to you and all of your staff for the experiences you have given Sophie. She thoroughly enjoyed everything to do with the show. The show was fantastic and a real credit to you all – well worth the immense hard work that goes into in all.

Jo B

Just wanted to say what a fantastic show you all put together…
I know that my girls had a great time and enjoyed the experience, and looking at Natalie’s Facebook page, so did everyone else, all of them were on a high and wanted to do it all again.
Once again thank you, and well done to everyone involved.

Suzanne T

Congratulations on Saturday night, all our friends and family were extremely impressed, and had a fabulous time, all the kids (and teachers) were terrific.
Many thanks, and well done again!

Gina C

I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the show and thank you for giving Katherine the opportunity to perform.
Very well done for producing such a professional and enjoyable performance. You truly do have a bunch of very talented children and hard working staff.

Jacquie B

Very many congratulations to you all for producing such a wonderful show in support of such a deserving cause. I really take my hat off to you all for creating such a professional and enjoyable show involving so many children of all ages. We saw the Saturday afternoon performance and I was privileged to be able to help in a tiny way backstage on Saturday evening. The dedication of all of the very hard working Showshack team was very obvious and you must be very proud indeed of all that you achieved. For the children it was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to be part of a very professional production that I am sure will live with them for a very long time. Thank you for letting Alex take part after joining you only in September. We had no idea what was in store when he signed up for Showshack! His older brother who watched the show complained bitterly that he never had the opportunity to join Showshack when he was Alex’s age…
I hope that I can help again. I enjoyed it very much.
Again, many congratulations on the team’s achievements.

Myra J

Thanks for putting on such a great show at the weekend. Isla really enjoyed her first time in the spotlight doing the Enchanted Ballet and finale Dancing Queen.

Susan C

WELL DONE! I loved the show, you must be delighted! It ran so smoothly it was so slick! It was as good as going to the West End! What a lot of talented children.

Helen M

Just wanted to pass my thanks to you and the rest of the team, the show on Saturday night was fantastic! The family and I really enjoyed seeing the kids perform and all the hard work definitely paid off. Thank you for such a great memory that will stay with me forever.

Cathy G

Just wanted to THANK YOU ALL for the fantastic show. It was very good. I had the opportunity to see the behind stage hard work. I can honestly say the children had a fantastic time and we parents were filled with pride.


I just wanted to thank you and the team at Showshack for a thoroughly enjoyable evening on Sunday. Everything, from the choreography to the singing, were absolutely amazing. Emilie and Madeleine came out exhausted by absolutely buzzing!

Caroline G

I would just like to say how absolutely fantastic the show was this weekend. The organisation and commitment from you all was phenomenal and the children were SO lucky to had this opportunity to perform on stage.
Francesca absolutely loved every minute of it and I was blown away by all of you and your amazing talents!!
Thank you so much for giving Francesca this opportunity and a VERY WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!!

Jenn F

It was a fantastic show – we all loved every minute of it, especially the parts Alethea was in. Even my 14 year old son begrudgingly admitted it was good and praised his sister!
Well done and many thanks again to you and the teachers and orchestra.

Debbie R

Well done you and the team it was a fantastic performance and so well organised backstage which I can imagine took a huge amount of planning. Well done all of you.

Angela M

Thank you so much for all of your coaching and endless enthusiasm. We really enjoyed the show and I know Aya got a lot of satisfaction out of performing.
Congratulations on all of your hard work.

Paula M

Many congratulations to you and your team – the show at the weekend was great fun – really professional and so enjoyable to watch. Phoebe soaked up the whole experience and despite being shattered by the end of the day, really enjoyed herself.

Nina J

Just a quick email to say thank you all so much for all the hard work you put in to making this such a wonderful and professional show. Emily has loved Showshack since she joined in April/May and is so enthusiastic about going and seeing all her friends every week. She has really grown in confidence since joining – thanks to all of you! She was very emotional (in a good way!) after the matinee performance, saying it was the best day of her life!! We are now looking forward to seeing the DVD.

Sarah W

The performance was excellent, very professional I thought and so well organised backstage on the night.
Well done to you all and many thanks.

Angela M

I am sorry that I did not email earlier to say how much we enjoyed the show at Aldershot theatre – it really was incredible the way you managed to pull together so many children putting on something so professional. They clearly all loved doing it too so all the hard work you teachers put in really paid off. My mother sent an email after the show saying: ‘My, what an undertaking! We are full of admiration at Pauline’s efforts to put on such a slick and very entertaining show, full of talent, but above all, including everyone. Quite amazing!’

Helen P

Many thanks for putting on such a great show yesterday, I know you are hard at it again today.
It was absolutely amazing to see them all up on the stage in their costumes with all the lighting etc. It was so well put together.
Louise thoroughly enjoyed it, as did I and everyone who came to see her.
Please say a big thank you to everyone involved.

Anne B

I just want to say congratulations on such a wonderful show!
We were totally blown away by the whole performance and so impressed with all the children involved. It was our first time and I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was totally beyond my expectations, so I just wanted to say thanks for a really special, memorable show – can’t wait to see it on DVD now!
Please say a huge thanks to everyone for working so hard to put it all together – absolutely brilliant!!!

Emma S

Just a brief note of HUGE congratulations and to say a very big THANK YOU for all of your hard work in putting on such an amazing show.
Without exception, your collective energy, enthusiasm and encouragement showed on the face of each and every child taking part. What a fabulous opportunity for them to be involved in a truly professional performance.

Jacqui K

The show was fantastic, thank you so much for all your hard work.

Liza W

Wow, what a show!!! It was so good and so professional that when watching it you almost forgot they were only little children and it was just like being in the West End, you must be so proud…
Darcy said it was the best day of her life, and she was so excited, she came home, ate me out of house and home at 11pm, went to bed and bounced off to school this morning!
What a weekend you had, I loved the ballet dancers in pink and the red Fame scene, just brilliant, and the older girls sing so well!!
Fantastic, brilliant, thank you, you are all great, should you do this every year?!

Victoria M

I just wanted to drop you a note and congratulate you all on producing a wonderful performance yesterday.
My daughter Grace joined you in September fully aware that she would have her work cut out. She returned home every Saturday with a smile on her face and has thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of putting Showtime together.
My family and I attended both performances yesterday and were amazed at what you had achieved, you clearly have a very talented team and the performers were outstanding. A big thank you to you all for making it a memorable experience for us all and for all your hard work…. Thanks for making Grace’s first term so special, she is looking forward to January already!!

Maria C

What a great show! Congratulations to you all!! I just can’t begin to imagine the amount of work involved in producing such a slick performance.
Livi thoroughly enjoyed herself and is fully fired up and inspired!!

Janet M

I just wanted to congratulate you on such a fantastic production. We watched the show Sunday night and were very impressed with how professional and entertaining the show was. It was a shame it had to end. It was the first show with Showshack that Ella has been involved in and she thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Janette D

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how utterly FANTASTIC my family and I thought the show was on Saturday. I was helping backstage during the day on Saturday so only got to see glimpses of the costumes and hear a bit of the band. When I watched in the evening I was so impressed by all of it. I wanted to say a huge well done and thank you to you and all the teachers at Showshack for such a super enjoyable evening. This has been Lucy’s first show with you and she has enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for giving her such wonderful experiences and memories. We were immensely proud of her.

Aileen S

I just want to say how fantastic the performance was last night. We all thought it was absolutely brilliant, really professional. The children are sooooo talented!
I really enjoyed being part of such an amazing event, I don’t know how you all did it, but you did, well done!!!
Archie enjoyed it so much, he was quite gutted when I said no Showshack until after Christmas! He has made up his mind he wants to carry on doing it for as long as possible, and even said he would love to sing on his own on the stage!!!

Jasmine C

Thank you so much for an amazing show. It was incredible. Katie, Maddy and Emily have loved every single minute. I was in tears watching them I felt so proud. It would not happen without all the hard work. Thanks so much for giving my daughters an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Fiona H

I had a wonderful weekend…the kids were amazing! I was so proud.
The show was a roaring success and couldn’t have been done without you. You work tirelessly to put it together and the results of this weekend prove it. You are an inspiration. Congratulations!
I love working with you and am so happy to have been involved in another wonderful Showtime. Thank you for everything.

Rachel G

I just want to say what a brilliant show everyone put on today! So much hard work went into everything – the costumes, choreography, and all the performances. We all had a fantastic time and just want to say thank you to you and to Eva and all the older girls who help out, and for all the hard work you put into the Minis. It was incredible to see it all work so brilliantly! Please pass on our congratulations and thanks to everyone involved – it was really inspiring to see it all come together so well and everyone singing and dancing their hearts out! I suspect Erin may well sleep all of Sunday - result! And I hope you all get to crack open a bottle finally on Sunday – well done again!
Thanks again for all your hard work.

Paula and Ian A

Just a quick email to say how much my family and I enjoyed watching the show on Saturday. I am sure you are exhausted!
Jemima thoroughly enjoyed herself and it is so nice to see her growing in confidence and having fun.
A big thank you to you and all your teachers.

Claire S

I just wanted to say how fantastic we thought the show was and a big thank you to you all for organising it, as we left last night Poppy said she wanted to do it all again. A big thank you to Eva and Johanna for all their help with Poppy and also Megan and Sarah-Jane, they are all always smiling, so patient and so lovely.
Thank you all once again, it was fantastic.

Justine E

I just want to congratulate you all on the wonderful show you put on at the weekend. It really was superb, from the dances and songs through to the organisation of the whole event.
It was all very professional and helping backstage was a real eye opener to the tremendous amount of organising that it must have taken to ensure everyone was in the correct place at the correct time!
There were huge numbers of children to deal with but they all performed beautifully from the little ones through to the older ones, some of whom were absolutely superb.
So a very big well done and thanks to you all.

Christina P

We just wanted to say a big thank-you for organising such a fantastic show over the weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed all the performances and thought it was very professionally done – as far as we could see everything ran smoothly!

It was such a good experience for Jemima, giving her the chance to dance on stage as well as sing. She loved every minute of it. Congratulations.

Clare and James

Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon. Great to see you and Elle. Was great to see Mimi up there strutting her stuff too.

Ros S

Just like to say a big thank-you to all your staff for giving our children the opportunity to perform in the show which was excellent. Mia really enjoys it and can’t wait to start back in January.


I wanted to write to say how much we thoroughly enjoyed the Showshack Show on Sunday 15th November. Both performances were performed to such a high standard, they were so professional and so enjoyable to watch.
Thank-you to you and your team for all your time and hard work in putting on such a fantastic show. Both Annabel and Florence really enjoyed performing, they had a great time, so thank you.

Gill and Simon

I enjoyed every moment of last night, it was so much fun and I really think all the hard work paid off. Please thank all the teachers for me, especially Yvonne for all her help on ‘easy street’.


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